5 Cool How-To Videos Sites That Don’t Suck

Let’s face it – not all of us are born geniuses. Not everyone can know how to do everything in this world (although I think maybe Chuck Norris can!) and we have to learn how to do something before we can be confident enough to do it flawlessly.

We have been learning since childhood and life will keep teaching us something for as long as we live. Ahem – but there is a problem – life doesn’t always teach things when we require them the most. The solution? Hail the mighty Internet and power of the crowds!

Want to learn to how to tie a tie? You will not only find ‘how to’ do it but which style do you require. Want to learn to use a multimeter? Sure why not? You name the task, most probably you will find a ‘how to’ for it on the Internet. There are some very good sites dedicated to such how to’s and present the information in text as well as in the form of how to videos.

Here we will have a look at some of the best cool “how to” videos sites (in random order): …

Read the rest at MakeUseOf


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