Uncover Kernel Mode Trojans or Rootkits

Check for Rootkits with free detectors.
A Rootkit (a Kernel Mode Trojan), is a malware program, or a combination of malware programs, designed to take low level control of a computer system. Often, they are Keyloggers as well.

Techniques used to hide rootkits include; concealing running processes from monitoring programs, and hiding files, or system data, from the operating system.

In other words, the rootkit files and processes will be hidden in Explorer, Task Manager, and other detection tools.

It’s easy to see then, that if a threat uses rootkit technology to hide, it is going to be very difficult to find.

Kudos to the major anti-malware companies though; many have come up with a free serviceable solution to rootkits. Enter the Rootkit detector which will provide you with the tool to find and delete rootkits, and to uncover the threats rootkits may be hiding.

Generally, rootkit detectors are capable of the following type of scans, although it is important to note that not all detectors scan, or handle rootkits, in precisely the same way.

Read the rest at Bill Mullins


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