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ZDNet Readers’ Choice: Top 25 free, lightweight apps

June 27, 2009

In February, ZDNet asked readers for the free, lightweight applications they simply can’t live without. After tallying the suggestions in the comments and via e-mail — and there were an awful lot of good suggestions, believe me — here are the 25 most popular.

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The Best Free Software of 2009

June 19, 2009

The best things in life often actually are free. Here, a list of 173 of the best things in life—free software, for launching apps, networking, backup, synchronization, entertainment, and more.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Why pay? You’ve already shelled out money for a computer, so there’s no reason that what’s running on that pricey PC should cost a darn thing. Not in this day and age of amazing freebie software and Web apps. That’s why every year presents a look at the best programs you can download or access online at no cost. All are worthy replacements for your ancient and sometimes forgotten desktop applications, and they’ll save you thousands of dollars to boot.

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2009 Windows Utility Guide

June 19, 2009

Browse our largest-ever collection of utilities to install on Windows XP and Vista (and, in some cases, even Windows 7) and you’ll find the functions you need at prices you’ll like.
Windows, in its myriad forms, remains the most-used operating system around. Therefore, it has the most developers creating software. And many of those hardworking coders write programs that improve on, replace, or insert functions that Windows got wrong or completely lacks. Not to mention all the functions that can be done on data, from documents to photos to music to videos.

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A List Of Known Adware Bundled Programs

June 6, 2009

Many of you may know the scruge of the adware bundled program and yes there are many programs that we use all the time. Some of which are free programs that come with some incredibly annoying bundled adware. That can cause all sorts of issues but as always knowledge is power so enjoy this comprehensive list I’ve gathered for your enjoyment and horror.

1. 123 Messenger

2. 180 Solution – Or ZANGO – Considered a Virus (AVOID)

3. 888bar (AVOID)

4. Adssite Toolbar (AVOID)

5. AVG 8.5 FREE Anti-Virus – Gives you a Choice to Install Gossiper Toolbar (SAFE)

6. Bearshare – Installs WhenUsave or toolbar depends on version (Very Annoying)

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Lifehacker Pack 2009: Our List of Essential Free Windows Downloads

June 1, 2009

We feature downloads of all kinds every day at Lifehacker. Today, however, we’re bundling all the best free downloads for new computer owners, re-installers, would-be geeks, or anyone who wants to save time installing the best stuff out there. This is our 2009 Lifehacker Pack for Windows computers.

The idea is the same as when we first introduced the Lifehacker Pack more than three years ago—a single, handy list that we think improves the computer lives of Windows users. We’re also providing a utility to download some or all of these applications at once—more on that after the list.

You can head directly to each application’s download page from the [Download] links following their write-ups, and see what Lifehacker originally wrote about them at the [LH Post] link. If there’s a portable version of an application that you can run off a thumb drive and/or test out without installing, we’ve linked to that at [Portable], or added a “+Portable” to the main download link.

Onto the list!

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