A List Of Known Adware Bundled Programs

Many of you may know the scruge of the adware bundled program and yes there are many programs that we use all the time. Some of which are free programs that come with some incredibly annoying bundled adware. That can cause all sorts of issues but as always knowledge is power so enjoy this comprehensive list I’ve gathered for your enjoyment and horror.

1. 123 Messenger

2. 180 Solution – Or ZANGO – Considered a Virus (AVOID)

3. 888bar (AVOID)

4. Adssite Toolbar (AVOID)

5. AVG 8.5 FREE Anti-Virus – Gives you a Choice to Install Gossiper Toolbar (SAFE)

6. Bearshare – Installs WhenUsave or toolbar depends on version (Very Annoying)

Read the rest at Computer Savvy’s Weblog


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