100 Weirdest News Stories We Dugg in 2009

In the ninth year of our new millennium we were treated to such outrageous-but-true tales as the Russian who died of a Viagra overdose after winning a bet that he could pleasure two women for 12 hours straight and the atheists who set up a post-Rapture pet-care service for the dogs of the believers.

To say nothing of the Balloon Boy who wasn’t and the White House party crashers who brought dangerous shame onto our Secret Service.

In other words, 2009 was just about as weird as every year that came before it.

While Asylum is a great place for those who want get their fix of these stories and other news of the odd, the interactive voting site Digg also brings the strange on a regular basis. So, in the name of synergy, we present Digg’s top 100 weirdest stories of 2009, as decided by you, the public who just can’t get enough of this stuff.

Read the rest at asylum.com


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