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What is a Fake Antivirus, How to Prevent or Avoid it?

March 26, 2010

from BizzNtech by Joel
Nowadays, new internet users are the main targets of fake antivirus programs, malwares and several other internet threats. Fake antivirus programs are one of the most common internet threats these days. New internet users, unaware of the fact that these programs are viruses, install these programs assuming that they are antivirus programs.
What is a Fake Antivirus Program?

Most of the people often mistake Fake antivirus programs to be real antivirus programs. Well, to be honest they actually look like. But, the fact is that they aren’t. They are usually generated by a Trojan that takes control of your computer. Some peddlers of fake anti-virus software actually design the viruses, spyware and malware that their software is supposed to detect. Once your computer is infected by such a Trojan, you keep getting pop up messages saying that your computer is infected by Trojan, virus, malware, etc.

Trojans may enter your computer through several ways. For instance- emails, advertisements, popups, etc. Usually, these kind of Trojans enter your computer when you request a free virus scan. I’m not saying that every free antivirus scan is not genuine. All I mean to say is that, just beware of the antivirus scan that you are planning to click on the web. Just do a small research about the scan provider and check if it’s genuine.

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Free AVG Rescue CD Helps gets Unbootable PCs Working

March 26, 2010

from Gizmo’s Hot Finds by MidnightCowboy
AVG have just released a free rescue CD that can be used to recover your computer when the system cannot be loaded normally, such as after an extensive or deep-rooted virus infection.

The AVG Rescue CD enables you to fully remove infections from an otherwise inoperable PC and render the system bootable again

This could also be handy for folks who this week were locked out of their PCs by a faulty update installed by BitDefender and Bullguard (which uses the same engine and signatures) which rendered many 64 bit machines useless.

The AVG Rescue CD aims to help people so affected to recover their system. Essentially, it is a portable version of AVG Anti-Virus embedded in a version of Linux so it doesn’t need Windows to operate.

You can choose to download for use with either as a bootable CD or USB stick. Apart from the AV program the software also contains a variety of useful system tools for restarting a PC such as such as a file manager and registry editor.

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A Couple Of Things From

March 3, 2010

112 Best Free Downloads, Sites, and Services: The Full List
Here’s our entire collection of the best free downloads, sites, and services available today, sorted by category. Want to correct Windows problems, make your PC or mobile phone more capable, and get things done faster online–all without opening your wallet? Check out these 112 incredibly useful, incredibly free downloads, sites, and services.

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How to Stop 11 Hidden Security Threats
Antivirus software and a firewall alone can’t guarantee your safety. Here’s how to foil the latest crop of sneaky attacks and nefarious attempts to steal your data. Do you know how to guard against scareware? How about Trojan horse text messages? Or social network data harvesting? Malicious hackers are a resourceful bunch, and their methods continually evolve to target the ways we use our computers now. New attack techniques allow bad guys to stay one step ahead of security software and to get the better of even cautious and well-informed PC users.

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Reliability and Service: Technology’s Most (and Least) Reliable Brands
When you buy a new PC, camera, printer, or TV, you want a dependable device from a manufacturer that’s committed to supporting its customers. We asked 45,000 readers and found out which companies you can really trust. Every year, consumers purchase millions of computers and peripherals. And every year, millions of those devices break down.
For anyone who plans to buy a piece of hardware, the overall reliability of a vendor’s products and the quality of its service are important considerations. Unfortunately, much of the information that people use in deciding which product to buy is fragmentary and anecdotal–not the kind of data you’d want to base a three- or four-figure decision on.

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How To Easily Download All Facebook Photos You’re Tagged In

March 2, 2010

One of the best features of Facebook are the photos albums, which allows you and all of your friends to upload an unlimited number of pictures to share with your personal networks.

You can also create Facebook “tag” photos, which means a person’s profile is linked to the specific picture they appear in. This gives you the very useful ability to quickly view pictures of specific people – all without ever having to dig through a photo album.

While it’s great having all of these pictures online, you aren’t guaranteed that they will always be available. You can easily lose access to these photos if Facebook removes an album, if the internet is unavailable, or if the friend who uploaded the photos decides to remove them. It is possible to save Facebook pictures individually, but that can be incredibly tedious if you have a large amount of photos you’d like to download.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to download all of the Facebook tag photos that you and your friends are in with a great application called PhotoGrabber.

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