What is a Fake Antivirus, How to Prevent or Avoid it?

from BizzNtech by Joel
Nowadays, new internet users are the main targets of fake antivirus programs, malwares and several other internet threats. Fake antivirus programs are one of the most common internet threats these days. New internet users, unaware of the fact that these programs are viruses, install these programs assuming that they are antivirus programs.
What is a Fake Antivirus Program?

Most of the people often mistake Fake antivirus programs to be real antivirus programs. Well, to be honest they actually look like. But, the fact is that they aren’t. They are usually generated by a Trojan that takes control of your computer. Some peddlers of fake anti-virus software actually design the viruses, spyware and malware that their software is supposed to detect. Once your computer is infected by such a Trojan, you keep getting pop up messages saying that your computer is infected by Trojan, virus, malware, etc.

Trojans may enter your computer through several ways. For instance- emails, advertisements, popups, etc. Usually, these kind of Trojans enter your computer when you request a free virus scan. I’m not saying that every free antivirus scan is not genuine. All I mean to say is that, just beware of the antivirus scan that you are planning to click on the web. Just do a small research about the scan provider and check if it’s genuine.

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