Portable Antivirus – Ultimate List of Best USB Anti Virus

From: thepcsecurity.com

Why You May Need Portable Antivirus Applications:
Present day antivirus and security software operate on post-event basis. First a virus or malware is discovered, then the antivirus database is updated to include its signature, then it is expected that the user will download the antivirus update and after that only, the user is secured against that virus.

But it is often too late. Lots of users do not care to update software regularly and it makes them vulnerable to the security threats.

To further complicate the situation, present day malware often make modifications to the system files and corrupt your security software. They make them useless, block their update mechanisms and in extreme cases make your whole system un-usable. You may not be in a position to even boot up your system.

In such a case, your only solution may to use some Portable Antivirus software, stored on a removable media like USB, Pen Drive or CD ROM, make it write protected and use it to clean your infected system.

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