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Malware Removal Guide for Windows

December 29, 2011

From Select Real Security.

This guide will help you clean your computer of malware. If you think your computer is infected with a virus or some other malicious software, you may want to use this guide. It contains instructions that, if done correctly and in order, will remove most malware infections on a Windows operating system. It highlights the tools and resources that are necessary to clean your system. Malware is a general term for any malicious software, including viruses, trojans, rootkits, spyware and adware.

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Google warning users of malware infection

July 23, 2011


If you see a notification above your Google search results that your computer is infected with malware, it’s probably best to take it seriously – the search giant has identified traffic patterns consistent with infection, and it’s letting users know that they need to take action.

The malware in question routes Google traffic through a small number of proxies, according to the official blog entry. If Google’s search engine detects that you’re coming to them through these intermediaries, it’ll display a banner notification (pictured above) in hopes that you’ll fix the problem.

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Probably the Best Free Security List in the World

June 15, 2011

From Gizmos Freeware Reviews

The products are almost exclusively free with some exceptions: products where there is no free alternative, good products that offer a lifelong license, and exceptional products. In some cases the links point to executables. In such cases replace [dot] with . and the link will work.





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A Couple Of Things From

March 3, 2010

112 Best Free Downloads, Sites, and Services: The Full List
Here’s our entire collection of the best free downloads, sites, and services available today, sorted by category. Want to correct Windows problems, make your PC or mobile phone more capable, and get things done faster online–all without opening your wallet? Check out these 112 incredibly useful, incredibly free downloads, sites, and services.

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How to Stop 11 Hidden Security Threats
Antivirus software and a firewall alone can’t guarantee your safety. Here’s how to foil the latest crop of sneaky attacks and nefarious attempts to steal your data. Do you know how to guard against scareware? How about Trojan horse text messages? Or social network data harvesting? Malicious hackers are a resourceful bunch, and their methods continually evolve to target the ways we use our computers now. New attack techniques allow bad guys to stay one step ahead of security software and to get the better of even cautious and well-informed PC users.

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Reliability and Service: Technology’s Most (and Least) Reliable Brands
When you buy a new PC, camera, printer, or TV, you want a dependable device from a manufacturer that’s committed to supporting its customers. We asked 45,000 readers and found out which companies you can really trust. Every year, consumers purchase millions of computers and peripherals. And every year, millions of those devices break down.
For anyone who plans to buy a piece of hardware, the overall reliability of a vendor’s products and the quality of its service are important considerations. Unfortunately, much of the information that people use in deciding which product to buy is fragmentary and anecdotal–not the kind of data you’d want to base a three- or four-figure decision on.

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10 Free, Must-Have Windows Security Downloads

July 9, 2009

Put an end to prying eyes, bad guys and sneaky spies with free software for Windows that can help protect your privacy and security. To use an Internet-connected computer is to be insecure and place your privacy in danger. Spyware, viruses, Trojans and assorted malware are everywhere on the Net, trying to hop onto your PC and cause damage. Snoopers want to get at your personal information for nefarious purposes, such as identity theft.
Operating systems of all kinds are under assault, but the prime target is Windows, because the vast majority of PCs worldwide use that operating system. If you use Windows, hackers have you in their cross hairs.

Luckily, there’s plenty of free software for Windows that can help protect your privacy and security. I’m not talking about anemic, underpowered applications. I’m talking about industrial-strength tools that can do everything that expensive security software does.

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A List Of Known Adware Bundled Programs

June 6, 2009

Many of you may know the scruge of the adware bundled program and yes there are many programs that we use all the time. Some of which are free programs that come with some incredibly annoying bundled adware. That can cause all sorts of issues but as always knowledge is power so enjoy this comprehensive list I’ve gathered for your enjoyment and horror.

1. 123 Messenger

2. 180 Solution – Or ZANGO – Considered a Virus (AVOID)

3. 888bar (AVOID)

4. Adssite Toolbar (AVOID)

5. AVG 8.5 FREE Anti-Virus – Gives you a Choice to Install Gossiper Toolbar (SAFE)

6. Bearshare – Installs WhenUsave or toolbar depends on version (Very Annoying)

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